– Upcoming Festivals and Events 2015-

July 9 - 12

On tour with Ray Skjelbred and his Cubs ( bass). Performing in and around the Bay Area including the Cline Wine and Jazz Festival, Rossmoor Dixieland Jazz Club, Napa Valley Dixieland Jazz Society and Cafe Borrone. For more information visit: http://clinecellars.com/visit-us/events, www.jazzdance.org/NapaJazz


Sept. 4 - 7

Performing with the 52nd Street Jazz Band (trombone) at the Hot Jazz Jubilee in Sacramento CA. For more information visit: hotjazzjubilee.com


Sept. 18-20

Performing (tuba) with the Yerba Buena Stompers on the Steamboat Natchez in New Orleans at the Steamboat Stomp. For more information visit steamboatstompneworleans.com


Oct. 14 - 18

Performing with the Sun Valley All Stars (bass) and Sherry Colby's Racketmakers (clarinet) at the Sun Valley Jazz Jamboree in Sun Valley ID. For more information visit: www.sunvalleyjazz.com


Nov. 5 - 8

Performing with Grand Dominion Jazz Band (trumpet) at the Arizona Classic Jazz Society in Chandler AZ. For more information visit: azclassicjazz.org


Nov. 25 - 29

Performing with Grand Dominion Jazz Band (trumpet), Yerba Buena Stompers (tuba), and Ray Skjelbred and his Cubs (bass) at the San Diego Jazz Fest. For more information visit: sdjazzfest.org